Photo Essay- Rained Out Beach Day

No one feels the burden of disappointment quite like a child. Especially when a beach day is canceled due to severe weather. Looking forward to that one day that Mom and Dad have cleared their schedules and finally the family gets to enjoy a day at the beach is like waiting years in the eyes of a child. These boys could have cried and thrown a fit, instead they came up with an alternate way to still have fun regardless of the weather. Optimism through the eyes of a child!

photo essay1
A secluded street in a quite neighborhood…
photo essay2
A rainy afternoon at the Childs house…
photo essay3
The boys have gotten ready for the beach day…
photo essay4
The rain came out of nowhere and ruined our plans…
photo essay5
Two brothers conteplating on what to do next…
photo essay6
Lucas venturing out in the rain…
photo essay7
Tyler decided to join his brother…
photo essay9
Who’s up for frisbee in the rain?
photo essay8
Playing with brother makes me smile…
photo essay10
We can make the best out of any situation!

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