What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of implementing game mechanic techniques into applications that exist in real life. The ability to use game mechanics such as point systems, badges, feedback, goals and leveling up allows customers and consumers to feel empowered when utilizing the designated product and/or program. There are many programs that people use in everyday life that incorporate gamification in their process. One program that I personally use that incorporates gamification is the Plenti Points Rewards Program that can be used as dozens of retailers including Winn Dixie. The program uses multiple gamification techniques to keep customers coming back to their stores as opposed to shopping with other retailers.
Winn Dixie’s Plenti Points Rewards Program uses the following game techniques to push their brand to consumers:

  • Point Systems: There are points offered for certain products in the store. The points vary for various products and are rotated on a weekly basis to incorporate and encourage the sale of numerous products.
  • Goals: Points expire after a certain time, so the program encourages customers to use their points before they are no longer eligible. If the customer doesn’t have enough points to redeem anything, the program lets the customer know how many more points they need to accumulate to redeem for a gift card.
  • Fast Feedback: Plenti Points sends out notifications and emails to let the customer know about new point events, specials, and how many points the customer currently has.
  • Leveling up: The more you use the Plenti Points program, the more points you get. There are specials that run weekly that are only advertised through the Plenti program.

The game mechanics used in this program make the customer feel like they are achieving something by shopping at Winn Dixie, and in a sense, they are. The more money they spend, the more points they receive, and the more points they have they are able to receive gift cards to buy more products at Winn Dixie. It is a system that encourages the customer to purchase and gives the customer the feeling that they are winning.